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Team Training and Development

Develop the effectiveness of your team...

Team Training and Development

By setting the team a variety of problem solving tasks that require collaborative effort, the course of action taken and the results achieved are used to highlight individual and team behaviours. On completion of each task a trained facilitator will guide the team as they review their performance, learning points can then be implemented for the next task and then the process repeated. Through this method of continuous improvement significant achievements can be gained.


Recruit the right people into your team. A series of specially prepared tasks are used to quickly highlight the team behaviors of candidates. Because everyone starts from the same low level of skill relative to the unusual tasks they are set it is possible to observe and compare the way the candidates interact, lead, deal with problems and cope with new and unusual situations. Interviews and CV’s can establish levels of professional and specialist expertise, these tasks can help you assess whether individuals can fit into your team. Getting it right first time saves time and money.

Ice Breakers and Energisers

Promote participation and enthusiasm in your conference delegates while encouraging good communication and creativity with entertaining activities designed to break the ice or refresh tired minds.

...and the way it interacts

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