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Magical Christmas

An enchanted fairytale family experience for those who believe in the magic of Christmas.

A Magical Christmas is an immersive theatrical experience for those who believe in the magic of Christmas. Within our Enchanted Woodland we have created a world filled with illuminations, musical water displays, interactive props, projections, and theatrical performers to lose yourself in.

Along the elf hidden pathways our interactive sets have been specially commissioned for A Magical Christmas which means that this is a unique experience not to be found anywhere else.

Young adventurers will be given directions to the enchanted forest and go along a secret pathway that only elves know. You will meet the magical characters who live there before mixing magic with Santa and becoming a honorary elf.

More information, videos and tickets for A Magical Christmas available here.

Meet Jimmy

One magical night, when the Sky was pitch black, Jimmy looked up and thought "WOW"! What was that...?

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A whimsical wonderland

Explore with the elves, journey with the jingles, dream with the dragons and help save Christmas.

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For more information, videos and tickets head over to the new A Magical Christmas website and start your magical Christmas journey!

Please note this is an additional offering to our Christmas events and party nights. You can find information and tickets for our Christmas Fair, Festive Afternoon Teas and more on the What’s On section of our website.


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